The drug Sustanon is common in the sports sphere, namely, it is often used by bodybuilders and weightlifters. The demand is due to the fact that this drug helps in a short time to gain large amounts of muscle mass, improve the appearance of the body, it will become pumped and taut. Of course, regular training has a positive effect on the muscles, they make them pronounced, strong, but the results appear quite slowly. And the use of anabolic steroids allows you to achieve the required parameters in just 1-2 months. And also during their use there is an increase in strength, endurance increases, all this facilitates the performance of training, helps to cope with high loads.

Buy Sustanon in the United Kingdom can be found in our online shop. We offer only tested and original drugs, which before entering the market have passed the necessary tests. And most importantly, we have all the necessary documents and certificates that prove the high quality and safety of drugs. But before buying it is still worth considering the main properties of Sustanon, features of the composition, indications, contraindications and other important information.

The active substance Sustanon

Sustanon is a popular anabolic steroid drug, which was developed back in the early 90s. The medication is based on a complex ester of 4 types of testosterone – propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate, decanoate. Initially, this mixture was used for hormone replacement therapy for insufficient production of the body’s own testosterone. But gradually the drug gained popularity in sports and bodybuilding, it began to be used for gaining muscle mass, improving the appearance of the body. The demand for the drug is associated with its high anabolic properties.

When penetrating into the systemic bloodstream, all esters are quickly converted into testosterone. This hormone is required by men, it supports the work of sexual organs, increases libido, libido, libido, increases strength, endurance. And also thanks to it there is an increase in the volume of muscle mass, muscles become more pronounced and voluminous. It supports the normal operation of potency, protects against inflammation of the prostate gland. Active substances have a positive effect on bone and joint tissue, increase its density, and also contribute to the burning of fat deposits.

ATX code: G03BA03

Structural formula: 

Clinical and pharmacological group: androgenic drug.

Brands of substance Sustanon

Sustanon is a well-known drug, which is based on a mixture of testosterone esters. Has a high demand in bodybuilding and weightlifting, it is used to improve the appearance of the body. Just for a course of anabolic steroids means muscles significantly increase in volume, they become pronounced, relief, and acquire good elasticity.

Among the popular manufacturers of the drug Sustanon can be distinguished:

Brands Properties
Magnus Pharmaceuticals A popular pharmaceutical manufacturer that is located in India. He has been producing a variety of pharmacological products for a long time, which are supplied all over the world. From this manufacturer, the drug Sustanon is often found in pharmacies, which is often used in bodybuilding, weightlifting and other heavy sports. During use, there is a rapid increase in muscle volume, the body becomes taut, beautiful, relief appears. And also means Sustanon increases endurance, strength indicators
Teva Pharmaceuticals A well-known Israeli manufacturer of various pharmacological products. The range includes drugs that are used in different sports. In sports, anabolic steroid Sustanon is in special demand. It helps in a short time to gain the required amount of muscle mass, improve the body, make the muscles pronounced and relief. In addition, thanks to the drug increases endurance
Pharmacom Labs A well-known pharmaceutical company, which was founded in Moldova in 2006. It is engaged in the production of a variety of drugs that are often used in sports. Among the popular ones is the drug Sustanon. It helps to quickly gain large amounts of muscle, has a positive effect on body appearance, increases endurance and strength performance
Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals A well-known pharmaceutical company, which was founded in Moldova in Kishinev. It produces various preparations that are often used among athletes. Among the popular ones we can highlight the remedy Sustanon. During its use, there is a rapid increase in the volume of muscle mass. Muscles become pronounced, relief. All this is positively reflected in the appearance. And there is also an increase in strength
Prime Labs Polish pharmaceutical company. It supplies medicinal products of various kinds. It also has a range of steroidal drugs that are used in bodybuilding. The anabolic steroid Sustanon is popular in the field of bodybuilding and weightlifting. With its use, there is a rapid increase in muscle mass, muscles become pronounced, voluminous and relief. When taking it also increases endurance
Malay Tiger Malaysian pharmaceutical company, which has long been engaged in the production of steroidal products for athletes. Its product range includes the drug Sustanon. It is used to build muscle mass, forms a relief and taut body. It also increases endurance, strength performance
Balkan Pharmaceuticals A popular pharmaceutical company that is based in Bulgaria. It produces a variety of anabolic steroids that are used among athletes. Its product range includes the drug Sustanon. It is used for muscle building, makes the body taut, elastic, relief. It also increases endurance, strength performance

Form of release, packaging and composition of the drug active substance Sustanon

The drug Sustanon has the form of a solution, which is intended for injection. In pharmacies, you can usually find only this form, in tablet form, the drug is not available. The solution is contained in a glass ampoule with a volume of 1 ml. The ampoule is placed in a cardboard package, on the surface there is a description of the drug, indicating the composition, volume, dosage of active substances.

The solution has a transparent structure, it has no impurities, foreign substances. With prolonged storage, no precipitate is formed, plaque on the walls of the ampoule. The solution may have a yellowish shade, this is provided due to the oil base. Oil gives the solution a slight viscosity, density.

The composition of the drug Sustanon includes the following components:

  • Propionate. A popular form of testosterone. This substance is a fast ester, it has an immediate effect;
  • Phenylpropionate, isocaproate. These substances are medium esters, which show their main actions a little later than propionate. Isocaproate ensures the maintenance of optimal testosterone levels between propionate and decanoate. It has a half-life of 9 days. Phenylpropionate maintains normal testosterone levels after the complete breakdown of the fast ester;
  • Decanoate. This component is a long ester that is used in the composition of any steroid. The half-life of the substance is 14 days. In the blood it can be contained throughout the month. For this reason, post-course therapy doctors recommend starting 2-3 weeks after the last injection of Sustanon.

The composition also contains auxiliary components – olive oil (oil base of the solution), injection water.

Pharmacological action of Sustanon

The drug Sustanon is based on four testosterone esters. All of them have a different period of action, some of them act immediately after entering the systemic bloodstream, others begin to act later and retain normal levels of male sex hormone for a long time. After penetration into the bloodstream esters succumb to the process of hydrolysis.

When using Sustanon, there is a full development of male genitalia, secondary sexual characteristics are formed. When entering the systemic bloodstream, esters are converted into testosterone. All this leads to an increase in libido, strengthening potency, improving the activity of the sexual system. The drug prevents inflammation of the prostate gland, supports the normal activity of testicles, seminal vesicles and other important structures.

During the use of a single dose of Sustanon in the blood of a man begins a gradual increase in the level of total testosterone. Its highest concentration will be observed in 1-2 days. And testosterone indicators will return to the previous limits after about 3 weeks. The rate of testosterone binding to proteins can reach 97%. The hormone is naturally metabolised to dihydrotestosterone and estriol. Excretion from the body occurs with the urine.

What positive effects has Sustanon

Sustanon injections is an anabolic steroid, which is in demand among athletes, weightlifters, and bodybuilders. It allows you to achieve the necessary results within a short period of time. In sports, it is often used to improve the appearance of the body and increase endurance.

When does Sustanon begin to act? Expressed effects can be noticed during the first week of use. And at the end of use, the body will be transformed, the muscles will be voluminous, relief, and the body will become taut.

What are the effects of the anabolic steroid Sustanon:

  • Causes a slow increase in muscle mass;
  • Makes muscles voluminous, pronounced;
  • Creates beautiful relief all over the body;
  • Increases strength performance;
  • Increases endurance, makes it easier to perform workouts;
  • Strengthens the structure of bone and joint tissue;
  • Has a positive effect on the activity of the sexual organs;
  • Increases libido, sex drive;
  • Contributes to the burning of fat deposits;
  • Withdraws excess fluid from the body, gets rid of oedema;
  • Helps to achieve excellent results in sports, helps to prepare for competitions, fights.

Side effects of Sustanon

Before using the drug Sustanon, it is worth considering the side effects. They can be found in the instructions that are attached to the drug, it usually comes in a package together with blisters. In order to ensure that unpleasant surprises do not occur during the intake, it is worth considering them in advance. Unpleasant symptoms can appear if the scheme of reception is violated, if the recommended dosage is exceeded.

What side effects can occur when using the drug Sustanon:

  • Headaches can often manifest;
  • Dizziness;
  • At high doses, nausea immediately appears, vomiting occurs when worsening;
  • Pain in the abdominal area, they can be attack-like;
  • Stool disturbance, diarrhoea;
  • Disturbance of the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Exacerbation of chronic pathologies of the GI tract – gastritis, duodenal ulcer, colitis;
  • Spikes in blood pressure;
  • Tachycardia;
  • Problems in the work of the organs of the sexual system;
  • Decreased libido, problems with potency in men;
  • Muscle and joint pain;
  • Liver dysfunction;
  • Anaemia;
  • Increased growth on the body;
  • Baldness;
  • Acne rashes on the face and body;
  • Redness on the body, which may be accompanied by irritation, itching;
  • Uncontrolled weight gain or loss;
  • Decreased appetite. 

Course of taking Sustanon

Before taking the drug Sustanon is worth consulting with a doctor. He will be able to select the most optimal dose, the scheme of use, which will help to achieve the desired results. Also, the rules of use of the drug are specified in the instructions, which is available in the package.

Sustanon should be used in the form of injections, they are made intramuscularly, they should be injected deeply. Beginning athletes should inject the drug in the minimum dose, at the initial stage 500 mg per week will be enough. This dose should be divided into two injections, each is given once every 3-4 days. Using it in minimal doses will help to assess the body’s reaction to the drug, to its composition. But experienced athletes usually take the drug in high doses – per week they inject up to 1000-1500 mg.

Dosages of the drug Sustanon depend on the goals set, on the results that are planned to be obtained as a result. Experienced athletes can use in high doses, their body reacts normally to anabolic steroids, there are no side effects, failures and disorders in the work of internal organs and systems. But beginners should not take risks, you need to give time for the body to get used to the drug, so doctors advise them to start with minimal doses.

The course of Sustanon also depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete’s body, on the purpose of using the drug. The optimal duration of use of an anabolic steroid is 3 months. Experienced athletes often extend the course up to 4 months. But experts do not recommend exceeding the recommended period of use of three months, otherwise addiction to the steroid drug may occur.

Indications and contraindications for the use of Sustanon

The indications of the drug Sustanon in bodybuilding and other heavy sports include:

  • Muscle mass gain;
  • Increase in the expression and relief of muscles;
  • Improvement of body appearance;
  • Removal of excess fluid from the body;
  • Burning fat deposits;
  • Increase in strength;
  • Increase in endurance.

The main purpose of the drug Sustanon is to quickly gain muscle mass and improve the appearance of the body. When used, a beautiful relief is created on the surface, the volume of muscles increases. Muscles will become more pronounced and voluminous. But also the remedy increases endurance, it significantly facilitates the performance of training, and also athletes recover much faster after power loads, competitions.

The drug Sustanon has contraindications:

  • Individual intolerance to the constituent components;
  • Chronic liver disease; Disorders in the kidneys;
  • Problems with the heart and blood vessels;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Period of breastfeeding;
  • Age less than 18 years.

Storage conditions of preparations of the active substance Sustanon

In order for the drug Sustanon for a long time to retain useful properties, therapeutic effects, and effectiveness, it must be stored correctly. Storage conditions directly depend on the form of release of the drug.

The drug Sustanon is available only in the form of a solution with an oil structure. To ensure that the drug does not lose its basic qualities, it should be placed in a cool place. Specialists recommend storing the solution in the refrigerator – the drug can be placed on the bottom shelf or in a compartment in the door. The temperature during storage should be maintained at +5…+7 degrees.

It is recommended to store the drug in cardboard packaging, in ampoules. Unopened and unused ampoules of the solution are recommended to be stored for two years from the date of release.

Where to buy Sustanon in anabolic shop Sustanon-for-sale

You can buy Sustanon in different pharmacies and shops that sell anabolic steroids. But still, you should turn only to proven and reliable places. In advance, you can talk to acquaintances who take steroids, they will tell you where it is better to buy these drugs. But it is better to turn to specialists and doctors, they will definitely be able to recommend reliable and trusted pharmacies to buy Sustanon. 

And you can not search, and visit our online shop. There in our shop you can buy Sustanon legally of good quality, which has passed the necessary tests in laboratories before release for sale. On the site you can see the cost of Sustanon, description, properties of drugs containing it and other important information. To buy Sustanon in London you can fill out a form, it specifies the basic and important information, namely the number of packages, delivery date, the address of the place where you want to deliver the order.

Before ordering Sustanon on our site you can make a request for the required documents and certificates. You can also contact the consultants, they will provide basic information about the products, answer all the questions of customers. And also help to carry out the order placement.

Sustanon reviews about the active ingredient

Before taking a steroid remedy, it is worth considering Sustanon reviews. A lot of comments, reviews about this remedy are found on various sports forums. On them you can read and study the opinion of experienced athletes who have been taking anabolic steroids for many years. They will definitely be able to tell a lot of interesting things about Sustanon, they can indicate the correct scheme of intake, dosages, as well as advice on how to avoid side effects when taking Sustanon. 

Bodybuilders confirm that the drug Sustanon refers to a powerful anabolic steroid. When taking it, there is an immediate increase in testosterone in the blood. This has a positive effect on the sexual functions of men, improves the reproductive system, increases potency and libido. In addition, the drug contributes to the rapid gain of muscle mass, during the entire course of intake, muscles become more pronounced, dense, and hard.

Bodybuilders indicate that the drug Sustanon has a positive effect on strength performance. During its use, athletes’ endurance increases, it significantly facilitates the performance of training, and allows you to cope with heavy loads. Therefore, it is recommended to take the drug in preparation for competitions and fights.

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